Almonds Hot and Spicy

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Hot and Spicy Almonds Nutritional Panel per 100g:
Energy (kj) - 2244.24 Fat total - 40.04g Saturated Fat- 3.3 g Protein-20.19g Carbohydrates-19.14g Total Sugars-6.86g Sodium (mg)-1411.72mg Dietry Fibre-10.63
Hot and Spicy Almonds Nutritional Panel per serving(25g.):
Energy (kj)-561.06 Fat total-10.01g. Saturated Fat-0.83g Protein-5.05g Carbohydrates -4.79g Total Sugars- 1.72g Sodium (mg)-352.93mg Dietry Fibre-2.66
Almonds, Flavour , Gum Mix. Contains gluten, cereals, peanuts and seeds.

1 Review

23rd Oct 2017

Hot and spicy almonds

You won't find tastier almonds than these. A perfect spicy blend with a nutty crunch. We loved them so much when we sampled them that we bought some. Since then we have ordered online because we like them so much.

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